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AFML Global has developed as a market leader for organisations, assisting them to make the right business connections.


Working with solution providers AFML Global is able to assist companies with networking with other business providers.

Having its own direct collaborations with many organisations AFML Global is able to assist with many areas in the business world.


The core activities which AFML Global is able to assist with under it marketing and introduction services platform relate to :-

Commodity Trading, Project Funding, and Real Estate. 


With affiliations in USA, China, Italy, India, Dubai, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, France, Baltic States, Asia, Australia, Iceland, Africa, Middle East, Switzerland, Austria, etc.  AFML Global has the resources to connect parties together in collaboration to achieve organisational goals.


Working with many high net Individuals, companies, corporations, government associates and legal Institutions we are well placed to assist most organisations with their requirements. In an ever changing world where fraud and crime is ever growing AFML Global is providing an shining light built on its ethos of trust and ethics delivering solutions to organisations in a correct and diligent manner.


Providing valuable experience and being able to collaborate with its partner associations AFML Global is able to secure the correct infrastructure to finding the correct path for many organisations to achieve their goals..

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