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AFML Global support the fight against Battens disease.


This horrific genetic disease which attacks children and destroys families is little known about and we wish to help spread awareness.


Little research is being done in this field and we wish to assist where ever possible,


A family near to our hearts has recently had their two children ( Ollie and Amelia ) diagmosed with this fatal disease.

​Please visit them on facebook : 

Young Ollie and his sister Amelia have started an awareness campaign called Ollies Army, which supports the BDFA foundation.


Support continues to spread and it is hoped a cure will be found in time to save theirs and other childrens lives.

Stars Supporting Ollies Army

A hug for Harry: Prince shares a warm embrace with a terminally ill five-year-old as he celebrates the courage of seriously ill children at the Wellchild Awards in London

A brave little boy who has a terminal illness and can barely walk got to his feet and flung his arms around Prince Harry an an awards ceremony tonight.

Ollie Carroll, five, from Cheshire, was born a healthy little boy but developed the rare genetic condition Battens Disease, for which there is no known cure, and will eventually leave him unable to walk, see, eat or breathe.


Prince Harry took the time again to visit Ollie and Amelia at Great Almond Street Hospital - Fantastic support and a true gentlemen for giving his love and support to Ollie and Amelia and their plight against Battens disease and spreading awareness.

Ed Sheeran heard of Ollies love for his music and invited Ollie and Amelia to meet him backstage during a recent concert - Helping spread the word against this awful disease. 

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