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AFML Commodity Procurement

Please find below the various commodities we are always seeking new sources for the following to add to our existing allocation suppliers.

  • Please note we are seeking END sellers who can accept to work on Letter of Credit Basis.

  • Please note mandate means broker ! 

  • No advance payments can be given.

  • No Transferable Letters of credit are given.

  • No confirmed SBLC can be provided unless seller passes diligence. 

  • AFML takes commissions from the END seller.

New Supplier Relations

  • Rice

  • Corn

  • Sun Flower Oil

  • Soybean Oil

  • Rapeseed Oil

  • Wheat

  • Sugar

  • Chicken

Please remember if our have a particular commodity you would like us to market that sits outside our normal parameter, this maybe possible under our retained marketing services.

Should you wish to quote and meet our terms please provide SCO and corporate information.

Please contact us on:

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