Fruit of the Loom Face Mask (FOTL)

We are pleased to be able to provide access for serious buyers of fruit of the loom (FOTL) face mask product.

FOTL of course has excellent standings for quality.

Certificates available to sell in European market.

This is a New allocation and production capacity we are informed will be 20m units per month.

Cost of plain mask (black or white) directly from our UK associate company is  £1.50 GBP per unit.


Units are provided in bags of 5, not seperate i.e. £7.50 per bag.


FOTL do not print on the produced masks, packaging contains FOTL trade marks and evidence of authenticity of product can be provided on purchase.

Minimum Purchase is 10,000 units (possibly lower for on-going contract term or large orders).


Printed masks can also be provided for purchases in excess 500,000 units for additional costing as follows:


We have arranged company who can print the masks for minimal additional cost, they have good experience working with brands such as Lacoste etc, costing below.


Printing : EXW price per print, based on average orders of 500 000 prints, speak to us regarding your print requirements.

·         1 colour print : € 0,30 

·         2 colour print : € 0,37 

·         3 colour print : € 0,42 

·         4 colour print : € 0,46 

The smaller the print is, the better the quality.


If possible, not to exceed 7 - 7.5 cm in height and width, just to avoid a higher second choice rate and to allow fast production.


Should the above be of interest, please confirm by way of letter of intent (LOI) your requirement confirming quantities, destination and particulars.


Upon receipt a full corporate offer will be provided, of course we are fully available for discussions.

All pricing excludes VAT, excludes carriage, and is EX Works basis.

Pricing is subject to change and supply subject to available allocations.

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