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ALFA Financial Management Limited (AFML) can assist companies seeking LC,SBLC,RDLC


We offer introduction only services to a Provider for financial instruments.


LC Service and Advantages:


  1. Provider co-operates with Issuer based large banks.

  2. No need collateral or deposit for LC.

  3. No background check on payment capability.

  4. Final answer can be within only 72 hours.

  5. Bank Swift network to deliver letters of credit on a Bank to Bank basis. ensuring authentication and compliance at all times.

  6. Provider is active in most countries (excluding restricted locations).

  7. Provider can arrange LC in any currency except RMB.

  8. Provider gives Lower fee when compared to other banks of similar service

  9. Simple Process !




  1. Applicant shall complete and sign the AFML application.

  2. Applicant shall provide following three documents,Company certificate, Director's, Pro-forma invoice/purchase agreement.

  3. Upon Receipt AFML will introduce to Provider.

  4. Provider will arrange for Issuer to check all documents.

  5. Issuer will send a draft of LC agreed with END Buyer for acceptance.

  6. Applicant shall confirm the LC draft with it's bank.

  7. Applicant shall sign contract for LC.

  8. Provider sends invoice to Buyer.

  9. LC is uploaded to SWIFT system.

  10. Applicant double checks before release to the Beneficiary bank.

  11. Release to the Beneficiary Bank.

This service is subject to diligence and is available only to companies of
GOOD STANDING and HISTORY of trade transactions.
This service core aim is to assist commodity trading companies or parties with a quality trade transaction. Commissions are based on strength of buy side and sell side, the size of transaction, term, trade risk and location. Commission percentages applied can range from 3.5% to 10% after evaluation. The trade margin should therefore be @ 110% minimum to ensure commission coverage for transactions. The trade letters of credit cannot be monetised or used for loan purposes and are specifically for commodity trade based business.
Alfa Financial Management Limited - Disclaimer
We are NOT a securities trader, we provide introduction services to companies offering our services. Applicants should conduct their own diligences at all times to ensure that any provider offer meets their needs and requirements.
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