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Access Disclaimer

Corporate Bond Confirmation Statement & Terms


Alfa Financial Management Limited hereafter referred as ‘AFML’

Alfa Financial Management Limited is not FCA registered.







Hereafter all joint known as the ‘CLIENT’


​You confirm your full understanding that you are accessing these potential project investments on the clear understanding that you are a commercial business investor,

You accept and understand that the provided information for general information only for you to make an informed decision and that AFML acts in a marketing Introducer capacity.

You confirm you are an experienced investor and will evaluate any offering under your own merit.


The corporate bonds provided should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation to conduct investment business as defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, they are products which AFML can provide access.

Past performance of investments is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

The value of investments may fall as well as rise and the income from investments may fluctuate and is not guaranteed.

Clients may not recover the amount invested.

The investments mentioned by AFML and on its website are not suitable for all types of investors.

There are risks associated with investing in securities. Investing in stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, and money market funds involve risk of loss.  Loss of principal is possible. Some high-risk investments may use leverage, which will accentuate gains & losses. Foreign investing involves special risks, including a greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods.  A security’s or a firm’s past investment performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future investment performance.

Investment advice should always be sought from a qualified investment adviser before any investment is made.

Decisions based on any information content are the sole responsibility of the user. If you would like investment, accounting, tax or legal advice, you should consult with your own financial advisors, accountants or attorneys regarding your individual circumstances and needs.



The content within any provided information literature or on AFML website is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Nothing contained on our website constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer or any third-party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in this or in in any other jurisdiction in which such solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction.

All content on the website is information of a general nature and does not address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Nothing in the website constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on the site constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto.

AFML is not a fiduciary by virtue of any person’s use of or access to its website or provided literature.

You alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any information or other content provided directly or via the AFML website.

In exchange for using the AFML website or AFML marketing services, you agree not to hold Alfa Financial Management Limited, its affiliates or any third-party service provider liable for any possible claim for damages arising from any decision you make based on information or other content made available to you through the website or directly.

You agree that AFML is not liable for any action you take or decision you make in reliance on any content.

AFML will not treat users of the website as its partners, clients, customers or investors by virtue of their accessing the site and should be registered and accepted under terms.

You agree and understand that any Investment is subject to loss and that you undertake at your own risk.


General Conditions of Use of Website

The AFML website and provided literature and information is copyright. All rights reserved.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before using AFML Services and its website.

By accessing the on-line website, you signify your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you must not use this website or services of AFML in respect of corporate bonds


  • ​Whilst we try to ensure that any provided information directly, via email of on the AFML website is accurate and complete, we do not accept any liability arising from any inaccuracy or omission in the information. We advise you to verify the accuracy of any information before relying on it;

  • the material provided by AFML or found on its website may be used for commercial purposes only;

  • any copies taken from the AFML website or information provided must retain any copyrights or other intellectual property notices contained in the original material;

  • you are prohibited from removing any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property notices;

  • we endeavour to ensure that the material contained is accurate and complete at the date first published. You should further recognise that information contained on the website or literature directly may become out of date over time;

  • The AFML website and the information contained on it is provided for your use "AS IS" without any warranty (whether express or implied) of any kind;

  • AFML does not accept any liability for loss or damage however caused which you may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with your use of provided materials or the AFML website.

  • AFML does not accept responsibility for any such loss arising out of or reliance on information contained on its website or provided investor materials;

  • AFML is not responsible for the content or suitability of any third-party websites that may link from this website, and does not accept any liability for loss or damage however caused as a result of your accessing any third-party websites;

  • ​AFML provides introductory services via brokers and directly for corporate bond activities.

  • CLIENT agrees and accept that AFML is not the end provider and therefore not liable for any consequential loss.

  • CLIENT agrees, understands and accepts that AFML conduct execution only business providing literature and marketing information.

  • CLIENT agrees and understands that AFML will receive an introductory commission from its various corporate bond providers.

  • Where CLIENT has been introduced to AFML by a third-party introducer, AFML may pay them a commission.


Changes to Website or Literature

The format and content of the AFML website may be changed at any time without notice. The operation of the website or a particular investment may also be suspended or discontinued for support or maintenance work, in order to update its content or for any other reason and without notice.

Access may be terminated either in relation to specific users or generally at any time and without notice.


Non-circumvention to provider

CLIENT irrevocably and expressly agree they will not in any manner solicit, nor accept any business in any manner (directly, or indirectly) as an individual, director, stockholder, owner, partner, employee, principal, agent or affiliate of any other business or entity, from any source of any other party, without the express written permission of the party who made available the Source. CLIENT and their affiliates irrevocably and expressly agree to not directly or indirectly, whether as an individual, partner, owner, employee, consultant, or in any other capacity, enter into any business transaction, negotiation, contract or any other agreement with any source, client, buyer, seller, intermediary, broker, mandate, provider, contractor, consultant, bank, investor, source of funds or other person, entity, or any affiliate of any Party disclosing such information, without the express written authorization of such disclosing Party. CLIENT agrees that future investments with any AFML introduced parties will be bound under these terms and shall keep AFML fully informed.   

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