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Strategy and Organisation

AFML Global are able to assist organisations in a consulting capacity in many ways - A flavour of the kind of questions companies needs assisstance with are as follows:-


  • What is the role of digital media and new technologies in the evolution of organisations and industries? Why does one particular technological innovation becomes dominant when other, perhaps equally feasible or even better ones, languish?

  • How to effectively organise around these innovative strategies? What role do organisational culture, identity and creativity play in managing change associated with such innovation? How can collaboration be effectively stimulated for high performance working?

  • How do personalities, values and beliefs of CEOs and top management teams shape strategic behaviours? Which industry and organisational factors determine the types of executive profiles needed to gain competitive superiority through innovation, flexibility and adaptation to environments?

  • How can we define and analyse performance and value creation in business, in particular in organisations (e.g. not-for-profit organisations, creative and arts organisations) where multiple and sometimes, contradictory performance indicators co-exist? 

  • What is the role of organisations in addressing fundamental global social challenges of poverty, climate change, health inequalities and chronic disease? In particular, how is inequality created and/or institutionalised in organisations and fields? 

  • How do firms outperform rivals? What are the sources of competitive advantage and the interplay between the strategic, social, and institutional determinants of performance? How do norms, social movements, and status influence markets?

  • How do new fields or markets emerge? How does social change come about? How is social order maintained? What role does power play in these processes?

  • What distinguishes businesses in emerging markets from those in developed markets in terms of organisation, diversification, expansion etc.?

  • What are the socio-political aspects of state-business relations in certain countries - state structures, business organisations and public-private interactions - and their manifestations in different industries? What is the impact of these variations on the organisational and operational routines of leading Chinese firms? How does that compared with firms from other countries?

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